Women Ministry of A.B.Krima 6, inspires women to become more involved in Church ministry by: Connecting: We are women who have a passion for Christ and for ministry to women around the church. We encourage women to get involved in missions and to volunteer time and resources to reach out to our sisters in different places.


We equip women by organizing seminars, workshops and leadership training that provide opportunities to serve in the churches in different capacities. With women’s ministry, women are able to use their skills and learn new ones for missions.

Women don't want to show their faces
Photography: Matseng Kongkal

Women DK-Sobha


Group of Garo women

Women folks somewhere in South West Garo Hills

Garo woman

A Garo Lady


We provide the opportunity for women to support, encourage and minister to our people with the women’s ministry in affiliated respective churches. Whether you are an individual, part of a church or with an organization, you can be an extension of God’s hands and feet as you participate with us.

"When generous acts bloom from unselfish thought the Lord is with us though we know it not and There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up." Holmer